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Agriculture at the stud

Agriculture is a key part of the stud. State-of-the-art harvesting machines (haymaking, mowing, etc.) and a modern drying facility ensure that the basic feed for the Lipizzaners remains of outstanding quality. The lush grassland surrounding Piber covers around 170 hectares of hay mowing area and pasture land. In total, the stud encompasses around 600 hectares, including the two mountain pastures and the wooded area.

Facts and figures:

  • A total of around 600 hectares
  • Two mountain pastures (Stubalm, Prentlalm)
  • Wooded area around 120 hectares
  • Pure grassland farming
  • Every year, around 600 tonnes of top quality hay are produced
  • Modern hay drying facility directly at site
  • Flagship agricultural management
  • The horse dung is composted, supplying us with the ideal fertiliser for our grassland.
Lipizzaner Stud Piber
Piber 1
A-8580 Köflach
+43 3144 33 23