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Foal Sponsorship

Every year, about 40 to 50 foals are born in the Federal Stud Piber in Styria. Dams and sires are selected with expertise and according to strict criteria regarding the horses’ character, build, intelligence and lineage. The dam herd in Piber comprises about 55 mares. Each mare gives birth to 12 to 14 foals in the course of her life.


The sponsors can decide themselves if they want to adopt a male or a female foal. Beyond that, no more rights and duties will result from the adoption.


For adoption of stallions and box sponsoring

Daniela Zedinger
+43 1 533 90 31-27
+43 1 533 90 32-77

Foals sponsoring

Daniela Berger
+43 3144 3323-100

We warmly thank the companies that have adopted already