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Welcome to the Spanish Riding School

Experience the high school of classical horsemanship in perfect harmony

About Us
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Discover the performances of the
Spanish Riding School

The world-famous performances by the Lipizzans – the Ballet of the White Stallions – take place in the unique, baroque Winter Riding School at Hofburg Palace, built under
Charles VI.

These performances are the result of years of training for the rider and their Lipizzans.
From the young, boisterous stallions to the fully trained School Stallions,

they enchant the audience with their performance in the School Quadrille, in the Schools on and above the ground and on the Long Rein.

This atmosphere and the accompanying classical Viennese music make the wonderful presentation by the rider and their Lipizzans even more enjoyable.

Insights into the Spanish Riding School

Guided Tour:

Take a look behind the scenes of the Spanish Riding School

in an exlusive tour of the Spanish Riding School you will visit the unique baroque Winter Riding School, the Summer Riding School with one of the world’s largest oval horse walkers and the stables of the Lipizzan stallions, which have been housed in the Stallburg (one of
Vienna’s most prominent Renaissance building) for more than 450 years. You will see the various locations that make up the special charm of our historic institution and you will learn about our history, equestrian traditions and about our stars – the Lipizzan stallions!

Guided Tour

Duration: appx. 1 hour
Next event: 16.08.2020 | 11:00 Deutsch/German

from 19,00 €
from 19,00 €

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Ticket Plus - probably from September

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Architectural Tours

Next event: 16.08.2020 | 14:30 Deutsch/German

from 20,00 €

Guided Tour

Next event: 16.08.2020 | 11:00 Deutsch/German

from 19,00 €
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