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The Education of the Stallions

Remontenschule, Campagneschule and High School

From Paddock to Capriole

The training of the stallions starts at the age of about four years. The young horses move from the Lipizzan stud Piber to the training center Heldenberg where they do their first steps under the saddle. The training takes place according to the teachings of classical equitation to the directives of Excellency Holbein and Chief Rider Franz Meixner. The primary objective of this training is not fundamentally different from any other horse training and can be outlined with the goals of suppleness, obedience, permeability and tranquility. The task of the classical horsemanship is to study the natural movement predisposition of the horse and to cultivate through systematic training in the highest possible elegance of the high school. In training people and horses are at eye level at all times and the horse determines when it is ready to learn the next lesson. The result of this approach is an incomparable harmony between rider and stallion, as it is only achieved today in the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Lipizzaner horses are particularly suited for this task: they are frugal, strong and particularly talented for classical equitation and have an extraordinarily good memory - all qualities that the rider must know and use for the common work.

The Schools    

The Remontenschule: In the first year there is the training for young horses, riding with as natural a horse as possible in unaccompanied gaits on the straights.           

The Campagneschule: Riding the horse in all gaits; turn and tours in perfect balance.           

The High School: At this level, the rider brings his horse to perfection. What follows now depends on the particular suitability, talent, strength and sensitivity of the respective stallion and what the stallion offers. The stallion learns piaffe, passage, gallop pirouettes and canter changes from jump to jump. It takes an average of six years until a stallion can be used in the School Quadrille and thus finished his education to School Stallion. The famous school jumps of the "Schools Above Earth" - Levade, Courbette and Capriole - dominate only a few, especially talented and sensitive stallions.



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