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Die klassischen Stutfamilien!


Breeding Lipizzaners is a family business.
This means that the Lipizzaner Stud Piber breeds with the six foundation stallion lines and 17 classic stud families. This makes the Lipizzaner Stud Piber the only stud in the world to have mares from all the classic Lipizzaner stud families. The matriarchs of these stud families were born in the 18th century and form the basis for the imperial stud farm. Their descendants can be traced back seamlessly to each respective family founder.

1.Sardinia Sardinia. Lipizza 1776 2.SpadigliaSpadiglia, Lipizza 17783.ArgentinaArgentina, Lipizza 17674.Africa Africa, Kladrub 17475.AlmerinaAlmerina, Kladrub 17696.Presciana - Bradamente Presc./Bradm., Kladrub 1782/17777. EnglanderiaEnglenderia, Kladrub 1773 8.Europa Europa, Kladrub 1774 9.Stornella - FistulaFistula, Koptschan 1771 10.Ivanka - FamosaIvanka, Koptschan 175411.Deflorata Deflorata, Fredriksborg 1767 12.Capriola Capriola, Kladrub 178513.Rava Rava, Kladrub 175514.Gidrane184 Gidrane, 184115.Djebrin 100 Generale Junior, Babolna 1824 16.Mercurio 60 Freies Gestüt, Radautz 180617.TheodorostaTheodorosta, Bukovina 1870

All stallions have a compound name derived from their lineage, consisting of the name of their foundation sire and the name of the dam (female parent).
Mares are traditionally named after the family they come from.