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Die Hengststämme


The following stallion blood lines have remained uninterrupted to date.

Pluto (grey), born 1765
pure Spanish descent,
from the Fredriksborg court stud in Denmark

Conversano(black), born 1767,
original Neapolitan

Neapolitano (brown), born 1790
Neapolitan from Polesina

Favory (dun), born 1779
from the Kladrub court stud

Maestoso (grey), born 1773
from the Kladrub court stud

Siglavy (grey), born 1810
original Arabian,
imported from Arabia by Prince Schwarzenberg

Tulipan born around 1800
Jankovich private stud in Terezovac, Croatia.

Incitato born 1802
Mezehögyes stud

In former times, the goal was to breed majestic and elegant ceremonial and parade horses for the court.