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from June 30th 2020 | 11.00 am



Whilst the famous white stallions enjoy their well-earned summer break, the baroque
Winter Riding School of Vienna’s Imperial Palace sets the stage for a very
special performance:
Our up-and coming stars from the Lipizzaner Stud Piber will be visiting Vienna and will delight the public with a lively and enchanting programme.
Under the watchful eyes of their mothers, our playfull Lipizzaner foals will romp to their hearts content and young horses will be shown. Elaborate historical carriages
will be maneuvered across the riding school by coachmen in traditional uniforms.

Ground Floor Box1st row€ 48,00
Ground Floor Box2nd row€ 38,00
Ground Floor Box3rd row€ 28,00
Ground Floor Box4th row€ 23,00
Ground Floor Box5th row€ 18,00
Royal Box1st row€ 48,00
Royal Box2nd row€ 38,00
Royal Box3rd row€ 38,00
Royal Box4th row€ 28,00
Royal Box5th row€ 28,00
Royal Box6th row€ 23,00
Royal Box7th row€ 18,00
I. Galerieupper short side€ 23,00
I. Galerielong side€ 23,00
I. Galerielower short side€ 28,00
I. Galeriestanding room€ 13,00
II. Galerieupper & lower short side€ 17,00
II. Galerielong side€ 17,00