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Lipizzaner Special

The recently created “Lipizzaner Special” is a new show aiming to inspire visitors to a get a first impression of the skills and beauty of the famous white horses and their Riders,  

Three of the most fascinating exercises out of the wide range of lessons offered by the High School of Classical Horsemanship will be displayed during this new program.
In order to address families and new visitors, to whom the Spanish Riding School may seem like a distant, imperial and traditional institution, the program “Lipizzaner Special” was carefully arranged with three of the most exciting lections out of the Riding School’s repertoire.

Besides the “Schools on and above the ground”, including the famous “Levade” or the spectacular “Capriole”, visitors will be able to experience alternately the so called “Work in hand”, the “Work on the long rein”, a solo program including “All the steps and movements of the High School” and the world famous “School Quadrille”.

Including additional comments during the short intervals between the individual riding displays, the condensed, new program lasts 45 minutes, which is why tickets are available at an attractive price.

TitleNoteLipizzaner Special
Ground Floor Box1st row€ 85,00
Ground Floor Box2nd row€ 75,00
Ground Floor Box3rd row€ 65,00
Ground Floor Box4th row€ 58,00
Ground Floor Box5th row€ 40,00
Royal Box1st row€ 85,00
Royal Box2nd row€ 75,00
Royal Box3rd row€ 75,00
Royal Box4th row€ 68,00
Royal Box5th row€ 68,00
Royal Box6th row€ 40,00
Royal Box7th row€ 38,00
1st Galleryupper short side€ 58,00
1st Gallerylong side€ 58,00
1st Gallerylower short side 1st row€ 65,00
1st Gallerylower short side 2nd row€ 48,00
2nd Galleryupper & lower short side€ 38,00
2nd Gallerylong side€ 34,00
1st Gallerystanding room€ 22,00

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