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Lipizzaner Special

The Spanish Riding School integrated a new show, the so called “Lipizzaner Special”, to its repertoire in spring 2021. This new program was carefully arranged to allow a special experience for all visitors, admiring beauty and uniqueness, and aims to complete the Riding School’s program with the Morning Exercises and Gala performances.  

During the “Lipizzaner Special” three program points out of the Spanish Riding School’s repertoire transmit an idea of the High School of Classical Horsemanship, known as the “white Lipizzaner ballet” all around the globe.

Besides the “Schools on and above the ground”, including the famous “Levade” or the spectacular “Capriole”, visitors will be able to experience alternately the so called “Work in hand”, the “Work on the long rein”, a solo program including “All the steps and movements of the High School” and the world famous “School Quadrille”. Including additional comments during the short intervals between the individual riding displays and accompanied by the most beautiful sounds of classical music, the condensed, new program lasts approx. 45 minutes.


Title Note Lipizzaner Special
Ground Floor Box 1st row EUR 105,00
Ground Floor Box 2nd row EUR 93,00
Ground Floor Box 3rd row EUR 81,00
Ground Floor Box 4th row EUR 72,00
Ground Floor Box 5th row EUR 52,00
Royal Box 1st row EUR 105,00
Royal Box 2nd row EUR 93,00
Royal Box 3rd row EUR 93,00
Royal Box 4th row EUR 83,00
Royal Box 5th row EUR 83,00
Royal Box 6th row EUR 52,00
Royal Box 7th row EUR 46,00
1st Gallery upper short side EUR 72,00
1st Gallery long side EUR 72,00
1st Gallery lower short side 1st row EUR 81,00
1st Gallery lower short side 2nd row EUR 60,00
2nd Gallery upper & lower short side EUR 46,00
2nd Gallery long side EUR 42,00
1st Gallery standing room EUR 21,00

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29.09.2023 11:00 hrs from EUR 21,00 Buy a ticket
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11.11.2023 11:00 hrs from EUR 21,00 Buy a ticket
18.11.2023 11:00 hrs from EUR 21,00 Buy a ticket
24.11.2023 11:00 hrs from EUR 21,00 Buy a ticket

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