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The  Spanish Riding School and the Vienna Boys' Choir

A TRIBUTE TO VIENNA provides a special opportunity to experience the
Spanish Riding School and the Vienna Boys’ Choir together in the baroque ambience of the Winter Riding School.

These two world-famous traditional institutions share centuries of history at the court, as well as an interest and responsibility in maintaining and preserving Austrian

A TRIBUTE TO VIENNA shows the highlights of the Ballet of the White Stallions
alternating with musical performances by the undoubtedly most renowned choir in the world, the Vienna Boys’ Choir.

A TRIBUTE TO VIENNA is live commented in German and English.

Price overview
Ground Floor Box1st row€ 140,00
Ground Floor Box2nd row€ 125,00
Ground Floor Box3rd row€ 109,00
Ground Floor Box4th row€ 96,00
Ground Floor Box5th row€ 68,00
Royal Box1st row€ 140,00
Royal Box2nd row€ 125,00
Royal Box3rd row€ 125,00
Royal Box4th row€ 112,00
Royal Box5th row€ 112,00
Royal Box6th row€ 68,00
Royal Box7th row€ 60,00
I. Galleryupper short side€ 96,00
I. Gallerylong side€ 96,00
I. Gallerylower short side€ 109,00
I. Gallerystanding room€ 27,00
II. Galleryupper & lower short side€ 60,00
II. Gallerylong side€ 53,00