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The Carriage Driving School of the Lipizzaner Stud Piber

Learn from professionals

The Lipizzaner horse has been bred for over 400 years. The main goal of breeding ‒ in addition to the classic art of equestrianism ‒ has always been to breed the Lipizzaner as a carriage horse. In carriage driving sport, the Lipizzaner possesses world champion qualities. Piber preserves this classic art and hosts regular carriage driving tournaments that showcase, among others, the Lipizzaner's talents.

Whether you are a beginner, learning to drive a one-horse or two-horse team, or simply wish to build on your skills, the Lipizzaner Stud Piber offers guidance from certified instructors on everything there is to know about taking the reins.
We offer taster courses, training courses, the bronze-level driving badge and the licence test (certifying proficiency for attending competitions).

The sport may look easy and effortless, but it is actually the result of hard training. Apart from a love of horses, you will need a certain degree of skill. Familiarity with horses is ideal, but not essential.

Our highly trained Lipizzaner carriage horses are safe to handle and specially chosen for lessons, since not every horse is suitable for the job. It is also possible to bring along your own horse. Lessons are tailored to your requirements and very much practice-oriented.

We are more than happy to answer any questions or enquiries you may have.

NEXT DATE BRONZE-LEVEL BADGE:  19.03.2018 to 25.03.2018

Carriage driving course for bronze driving badge:

The examination for the ÖFAB (Austrian Bronze Driving Badge) comprises the following partial units:

Practical test:

  • Correct harnessing and attaching to the carriage;
  • Approved measuring of the lead (taking the lead);
  • Correct mounting and dismounting;
  • Presentation and control of a carriage and pair (walk and trot)
  • Approved handling of the lead & whip straight on and in turns;
  • Behaving appropriately with a carriage and pair in road traffic.


  • Handling the horse
  • Equine studies
  • Keeping and feeding horses
  • Equine illness
  • Knowledge of harnessing and carriages, and driving theory

The examination is approved by a judge and an observing assessor.

Please bring:

  • Riding or driving gloves
  • Head gear
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Weather-proof clothing