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Press Release
May, 29th, 2020


The Spanish Riding School opens on Friday, 29th May 2020!

Behind the facades of the Spanish Riding School and an ascent of 170 stairs up to a spectacular view of Vienna

For all those longing to experience the Spanish Riding School behind the scenes, the opportunity to discover the “world’s most beautiful riding hall“ or meeting the white stars, the Lipizzan horses, up close in their stables is finally about to arrive.

From Friday, 29th May 2020, a various program including specific guided tours for old and young, informing about the cultural heritage and the living equestrian traditions right in the heart of a cosmopolitan city, will be offered from Friday to Sunday, as well as on public holidays.

Known all around the world amongst horse-enthusiasts as the “Mecca of horsemanship”, our tours dedicated to children and families include varied stories about Emperor & Crown and allow to discover how the century old equestrian art performed by our Lipizzan horses and their riders was kept alive in a thrilling and up-to-date manner until the present day.

Our regular Guided Tours, which last for about an hour, provide an inside into 455 years of kept-alive history.

On the guided tour through the Spanish Riding School you will visit the baroque Winter Riding School, the Summer Riding School with one of the world’s largest oval
horse walkers and the highlight for most visitors: the stables of the Lipizzan stallions, which have been located in the Stallburg (one of Vienna’s most prominent Renaissance buildings) for more than 450 years. You will visit the most important areas of our historic institution and will learn about our history, interesting and surprising stories, equestrian traditions, our white stars and the very special charm of this historic riding institution. 

The Spanish Riding School is proud of its over four century old history. Without doubt one of the most spectacular tours leads up into the baroque, two storied, attic construction of the Winter Riding Hall. The ascent of over 170 stairs during an architectural guided tour is well worth the exertion.  

After visiting the Stallburg, we will guide you through the baroque Winter Riding
Hall all the way up to its monumental, impressive three storey roof structure,
which is made up of 2,000 individual parts. In addition to the exciting design and
the unique atmosphere of this truss, you can expect a fantastic rooftop view over
Vienna‘s inner district.

The Spanish Riding School will resume guided tours from Friday, 29th May 2020.

All guided tours are limited to 10 participants.

The tour’s schedule can be found online on our homepage, where you can also proceed the booking. For telephone enquiries please dial: +43–1–533 90 31–0


Guided Tours:

Friday at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm

Saturday at 3pm and 4pm

Sunday at 11am, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm

Guided tours for children and families:

Saturday, 2pm and Sunday, 10am

Architectural guided tours:

Sunday, 4pm'

The shop of the Spanish Riding School will be kept open during guided tours.

We care about your health and safety!

For further information, see: and #spanishridingschool