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The Lipizzaner Stud Piber is happy about a cute little stallion -  the first foal to see the light of day


On January 21st at 9:15 p.m. the first foal of the year 2021 was born.

Neapolitano Presciana and mother Presciana are doing well.


"The birth was without any problem and Neapolitano Presciana is a very lively little stallion as we can see at the first snapshots in the barn and outdoors", says stud manager Erwin Movia.

The delightful, perfectly healthy foal shows at its first steps that it was born with the best prerequisites for a career in the Spanish Riding School.

Stud manager Erwin Movia is very happy that the birth went well and smoothly. “I am very happy and proud that I gave birth to the first healthy foal this year together with my employees. I am particularly pleased that the first-born foal in 2021 is a very thoroughbred colt ”, says Movia.

The father of the little foal is stallion Neapolitano Sessana, who is trained by Chief Rider Andreas Hausberger and who presents his skills in the “All the steps and movements of the Classical School”.

Lipizzaner foals are usually born black, but also brown or mouse-gray and do not get their typical mold color until around four to ten years old. The foals spend the first six months at the side of their mothers in the "nursery" at the Lipizzaner stud in Piber

The team of the Lipizzaner stud hopes that visitors will soon be able to see the lively Neapolitano Presciana and the next foals of the 2021 year of birth at a visit.


The stud's opening times for visits and dates for events will be published on the homepage and #spanischehofreitschule @spanischehofreitschule as soon as possible in accordance with the official requirements regarding the COVID-19 regulations.

Sponsorships of foals.


A foal sponsorship is a particularly sympathetic and popular opportunity to support one of Austria's most important cultural assets and at the same time to learn more about the horse and his family. Private individuals as well as companies can take on a sponsorship or patronage from one of our protégés. Sponsors receive regular information about the sponsored foal as well as other attractive opportunities to develop a very personal and loving relationship with a Lipizzaner.


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