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Press release
March, 1st, 2019

Sonja Klima is the new CEO of the Spanish Riding School

As of 1 March 2019, Sonja Klima took over the reins as CEO of the Spanish Riding School-Lipizzan Stud Piber. The second managing director is Erwin Klissenbauer, who has held the position COO since 2007.

Sonja Klima has set two major goals for herself and the team as a whole: “The classic art of equestrianism, which has been maintained throughout centuries, must be preserved and the unique tradition associated with it nurtured for future generations as one of the world’s unique forms of cultural heritage. At the same time, the Spanish Riding School needs to become more open and younger in its outlook. As an Austrian cultural asset in the heart of Europe, I would like to make it more accessible to young people in this country – as well as to new target groups all around the world.”

To achieve this, the Spanish Riding School must also be economically successful. “The well-being of the horses and the dedicated people who work with these wonderful creatures on a daily basis must, despite everything else, take priority.”

The aim in the coming weeks will be to hold intensive discussions with the entire team at the Spanish Riding School and to define how they will lead the Spanish Riding School into the future together.

Copyright image material: Michael Gruber