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First TV broadcast of the famous
Lipizzaner gala in almost 50 years -
"The Ballet of the White Horses"
is taking place on New Years Day.

On January 1st at 1:50 p.m. immediately after the New Year's concert on ORF 2 a complete performance of the Lipizzaner will be broadcast on television. Centuries-old traditions are brought to life with the most modern visual technology. This is a historic event that all viewers can really look forward to.


There is hardly any other cultural institution in the world that combines so much tradition and perfection. The Spanish Riding School in Vienna looks back on 455 years of history of the high school of equestrian art and is just as fascinating today as it was in the emperor's time. With the famous lessons, especially “School Above the Ground" and with the unique cultural horse breed - the Lipizzaners – and their riders, the Spanish Riding School Vienna has achieved are unique around the globe.


The lections of the high school are the result of many years of training and intensive work by the Riders and their Lipizzaners. No other horse breed is better suited for the high school of classical equestrian. These unique stallions display their intelligence and liveliness, physique and grace and anyone who experiences it knows why the “Ballet of the White Stallions” is now part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


In addition to the “School Above the Ground”, to which the “Levade” and the spectacular “Capriole” belong, “Work in Hand” and “On the Long Rein”, a great Lipizzaner solo and “All the Steps and Movements of the Classical School” and the “Pas de Deux” will be presented. The unique "Schoolquadrille", consisting of eight Riders, is shown as the crowning and brilliant conclusion. In 1972, ORF showed parts of the Spanish Riding School's programme in black and white to a wide audience in front of Schönbrunn Palace and from the Winter Riding Hall in the Hofburg.


So after almost 50 years, the entire Lipizzaner performance will once again take place in the beautiful Baroque winter riding hall.


A team from ORF promise a spectacular recording, using eight cameras and a crane camera - mounted in the top gallery of the Baroque Hall right next to the large crystal chandelier - to deliver spectacular images of the world-famous performance of the white school stallions. The presenter Nina Kraft will guide you through the program and Peter Nidetzky, who accompanied the program as early as 1972, will explain each famous lesson.



Presse Information:

Anna Georgiades

Spanische Hofreitschule Vienna


Tel: + 43 6648224835

Anna Georgiades
Anna Georgiades

Anna Georgiades

Head of Communications & PR

Tel.: + 43 664 8224835