The century-long training tradition of horses, riders, carriage drivers and grooms is still being cherished at the Spanish Riding School – and the thorough knowledge in the form of diverse seminars and other courses is passed on to a huge number of interested horse lovers and professional equestrians.

Theory courses offered at least with ten participants. Please ask for details.
Practical lessons will be organized at least with four riders and their own horses. There are no rental horses available for lessons.


A Rider of the Spanish Riding School takes care of the seminar attendants either one, three or five days, from 09.00 to 12.00 a.m. He guides through the Heldenberg Training Center and the Spanish Riding School. The topics which are being covered are the following: “The rider’s seat”, “How to give aids”, “Lateral movements”, “History of the Spanish Riding School”, “The work on the longe”, “Training levels of a school stallion” etc.

  • One-day seminar: EUR 90.- / attendant (exkl. 20% VAT)
  • Three-day seminar: EUR 210.- / attendant (exkl. 20% VAT)

Bookings only for groups of 10 or more
You find a detailed description of the seminar timetables and the general terms and conditions below:



Upcoming events

There are currently no courses available.


High level riders bringing their own horses have the chance to work together with the riders of the Spanish Riding School or to have their horses trained at the Training Centre Heldenberg.



The training of horse and riders is being offered throughout the whole year (exept in the months of July and August.

Group training (max. 3 horses, 60 min): EUR 150,- / person
Single training (45 min) EUR 250,-
Box fee (horse box, food, horse care, cleaning, use of all the facilities, use of the riding paths is included) EUR 50,- / day
Training of a horse or of both horse and rider at the Heldenberg Training Center (2 months or longer, horse training and box fee included) EUR 2.600,- / month

Applications are accepted anytime under


The Heldenberg Training Center is at the disposal for international riding associations in order to train professional riders. Additionally, riders of the Spanish Riding School with stallions from the famous riding institution offer training seminars for professional riders.


Upcoming events

There are currently no courses available.


The Lipizzaner horse has been bred for over 400 years now. The main breeding aim apart from the classical art of riding is to have the Lipizzaner horse as a carriage horse. In the carriage driving sports, the Lipizzaner horse owns world Champion qualities. The stud farm of Piber conserves the classical art of carriage driving and holds driving competitions on a regular Basis, where, among others, the Lipizzaners show their Qualities. No matter if you wish to learn how to drive a one-horse or a two-horse carriage, or if you merely wish to extend your skills, in the Lipizzaner stud farm Piber, you learn every Piece of important information about the art of driving. Your teachers are going to be certified carriage driving teachers.

We offer taster courses, training courses, the bronze driving badge up to the licence test (permission to attend at driving competitions)

The driving looks like a very natural and easy sport, however, it is only possible due to hard and demanding Training sessions. Apart from the love for horses, you need to be especially skilled. Someone who has worked with horses and knows how to deal with them would have the perfect perequisite for this Sport. However, you can also attend the seminars without any prior knowledge. For the carriage driving lessons, excellently trained and experienced Lipizzaner horse are at your disposal, as not every horse is suited for carriage driving.


For questions and registrations, please contact:

Mr. Movia Erwin – Head of Horse carriage driving school Piber
Phone. + 43 664 822 48 27