During the years 1729 to 1735 Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach constructed the magnificent baroque building. Chiefly intended for horse-riding, a great number of courtly and equestrian festivities were held in the baroque riding hall, i.e. Maria Theresia’s famous Ladies’ Carousel, oratorios, masquerade balls, jousts, town hall meetings, and many more.

Within a short space of time and owing to state-of-the-art technology, the Winter Riding School can be transformed into a unique event location which meets all the modern-day requirements.

Event Location sheet (PDF)

General plan (PDF)



Sonja Weber
Event Management

– 56 metres long, 18 metres wide, 17 metres high; 52 pillars support a gallery

– 1,000 m² layable floorspace (riding area)

– Direct access to the Reception Rooms of the Spanish Riding School and the Redoutensaele of the Hofburg

– Individual configuration of the ‘Ground Floor Box’ (seats can be removed)

– Access for guests from the Michaelerkuppel as well as the Josefsplatz and from the Reitschulgasse