The long journey from a young eleve to a fully qualified Rider


The long journey from a young eleve to a fully qualified Rider

The budding Rider has to overcome many challenges on his long journey from inexperienced eleve to fully qualified Rider, perhaps even to Chief Rider. The first three years of an eleve’s training are based on the officially recognized apprenticeship of a “Pferdewirtschaftsfacharbeiter” (qualified groom) which not only includes practical on-the-job-training but also attending trade school. With the successful completion of the apprenticeship and subject to exceptional talent the eleve training can be continued for a further two to four years.

An eleve’s early years are spent learning not only proper horse care and maintenance, but also the correct handling of all the equipment: saddles, bridles, everything needs to be painstakingly cleaned, neatly stored and properly used. And whilst the fledgling Riders learn how to care for horses, taking into consideration the special characteristics of stallions, they also receive regular riding lessons. In daily sessions an experienced Rider patiently but firmly teaches the student the correct seat on a fully trained School Stallion – for the first years on the lunge. The history and long standing traditions of the School and of classical horsemanship are also part of the curriculum.

Again subject to eligibility this results in the eleve’s promotion to the position of an Assistant Rider, which also means that a young stallion is entrusted into his care and he may ride a fully trained School Stallion in the School Quadrille during a performance. He now leaves the Stable Master’s supervision to subsequently report to the First Chief Rider.

The Assistant Rider is now personally responsible for his protégé and under the professional guidance of experienced Riders and Chief Riders he must train his young stallion and himself to the extent that they can both successfully participate in a School Quadrille during a public performance. This training phase takes another six years and demands a great deal of discipline, patience and sensitivity from the young rider.

It takes around eight to 12 years to successfully achieve the status of a fully qualified Rider, years in which many give up and only the very best persevere.

The criteria for becoming an eleve are:

  • Minium age of 16
  • Completed school education
  • Ideal height of 172 cm; slim stature
  • Athletic and creative talent
  • Fluent in German and good foreign language skills (English preferred)
  • Strong connection to horses
  • At least basic equestrian skills
  • Evidence of licence R1 or RD1 of the Austrian Equestrian Federation or a comparable proof of achievement, e.g. RA 4 (DRAIII) and LK 5 (D5,S5) in Germany

Sorry, but currently we do not accept applications.