The main task of the Lipizzaner stud Piber lies in breeding the best stallions for the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and in preserving the Lipizzaner breed in its purest tradition. About 45 Lipizzaner foals are born at the stud in Piber every year. This means that every year there is also a wide choice of horses for sale to Lipizzaner lovers all across the globe. Come and find your dream horse!

All horses we sell are pure-bred Lipizzaners of the highest quality. We only use approved stallions from the Spanish Riding School as studs. Foals are accustomed to people from the moment of their birth.

Young horses grow up in a herd and spend three summers on alpine pastures which is good for their health, their balance and strength. Every horse is documented from the moment of its birth to the completion of its training.

All horses for sale are vaccinated regularly and examined before delivery to the buyer. We offer general utility horses, one- to three-year old green horses, broken horses (to saddle or cart), breeding horses of all classical mare families and all six stallion bloodlines. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions!

Ines Hubinger
Documentation and Horse Sale – Lipizzaner Stud Piber

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