Lipizzaners are Europe’s oldest domesticated horse breed. The tradition of their breeding goes back to the year 1580, the history of their education even to Ancient Greece. Since 1920, the noble horses are bred in the Federal Stud Piber in Styria, Austria. Each year, the riders and chief riders muster the young stallions and select the best to be trained in the High School of Riding at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Adopting creates sympathies

An adoption offers a novel and interesting way for companies, banks, but also individuals to be present in a traditional and positive environment – to attract new customers, business partners or new target groups.

The Federal Stud Piber fulfils a very important function in the preservation of Austrian culture in breeding and selecting the famous Lipizzaner stallions for the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Through the adoption of a Lipizzaner, your company conveys numerous positive messages:
– Promoter and supporter of Austrian cultural heritage
– Reaching a multi-faceted international audience
– National as well as international recognition through a link or a mention of the sponsor on the website of the Spanish Riding School or the Federal Stud Piber, which both attract millions of interested visitors

What is an adoption?

Adopting a horse means paying a certain annual amount, earmarked for a specific project, for a foal or a school stallion of the Spanish Riding School. We offer two models: private adoption or company adoption for a foal in the Federal Stud Piber or a stallion of the Spanish Riding School.

The donations are specifically employed to maintain the high breeding standards and the professional care of the horses.