Monday, June 8, 10.00 a.m.: Press Conference – the anniversary in detail, Summer Riding Arena

Wednesday, June 24, 05.00 p.m.: Photo shoot with the possibility for interviews of the riders, Heldenplatz


Thursday, June 25, 08.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m.: Press tour to Piber

Thursday, June 25, 05.00 p.m.: Photo shoot, rehearsal for Fête Impériale, Winter Riding School

Thursday, June 25, 07.00 p.m.: Sneak preview, Heldenplatz


Friday, June 26, 09.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m.: Press tour to Heldenberg

Friday, June 26, 03.00 p.m.: Opening Special Post Office

Friday, June 26, 7.00 p.m.: Anniversary Performance Heldenplatz

Friday, June 26, 09.00 p.m.: Fête Impériale 2015, Spanish Riding School (Michaeler Square)


Rundown Anniversary Performance, June 26

07:00 p.m.: Opening, welcome

07:20 p.m.: Entering with Garde music (Spanish and Austrian hymns)

From 07:30 p.m.: Anniversary Performance

08:40 p.m.: Farewell, Radetzky March

08:45 p.m.: End

Location: Heldenplatz


Rundown Fête Impériale, June 26:

From 08:15 p.m.: Entrance

09:00 p.m.: Festive entering

09:45 p.m.: Grand opening Fête Impériale 2015 in the Winter Riding Hall, live broadcast in the Stable Castle

From 10:15 p.m.: Orchestras and DJs

Midnight: Traditional quadrille

04:00 a.m.: End of the Fête Impériale 2015

Locations: Winter Riding Hall, Summer Riding Hall, Stable Castle, Michaeler Square

During the inauguration there are seats available in the first gallery



Please submit your requests for accreditations in writing by June 23, 12.00 to: or +43 664 969 06 58

For the press tours to Piber (June 25) or to Heldenberg (June 26) we need your accreditations by Tuesday, June 16, 2015 (


We need the following information

  1. Your full name (also the names of camera team and photographers)
  2. The medium for which you will be reporting about the anniversary performance
  3. For which of the above-mentioned events you want to get accredited.


Should you want to have accreditation for both the Fête Impériale and the anniversary performance, please personally collect the accreditation tapes on Friday, June 26, 2015 at the Spanish Riding School, press centre in the stable castle (Reitschulgasse) (Pick-up time: 02.00 to 09.00 p.m.)

Should you only want to receive an accreditation for the anniversary performance at Heldenplatz, you can collect your accreditation tapes at the media tent at Heldenplatz (pick-up time: Friday, June 26, 2015, 02.00 to 06.00 p.m


For photo shoots, general rehearsal, press tours and press conference, please sign up in time at and inform the visitors about the entrance control.

Further information also at:


You will immediately receive an answer by email to your accreditation inquiry.

Please let us know if you have any special requests, such as interviews, makings of, etc.


We kindly ask you to bear in mind the dress code of the Fête Impériale 2015.

Ladies: long evening gown, gentlemen: dinner jacket or tailcoats. This also applies for camera teams and photographers.

Several days in advance of the anniversary performance and the Fête Impériale, we will provide you with further information, guest lists etc. For any additional information we are glad to help and at your disposal any time.